Research shows that children form lasting ideas about their future at very young ages

Showing younger children a variety of career possibilities broadens their horizons

Students who understand how current learning relates to their future are more engaged, motivated, and academically successful


  • Increased academic motivation and achievement
  • Adolescent adjustment and well-being
  • Successful identity development
  • Lower incidence of anxiety and depression
  • Future work and life satisfaction
  • Fewer changes in college major
  • Better grades and faster graduation rates

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Professional Assessments for Adults

Our Mission

Motivate your student, make learning personally relevant and important to them, and show how their interests relate to their future.

Good Life Careers provides comprehensive, individual assessment of your student's personality, interests, aptitudes and values. The assessment gives them the tools they need to learn about themselves and possible career options. Our neuropsychologist personally reviews your results and is available to provide confidential one to one counseling.

In America, we have boundless freedom to pursue happiness as we individually define it. Sometimes, the challenge of freedom is that too many choices may lead to uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Helping students understand their interests, abilities, and personalities in career relevant terms facilitates
emotional adjustment, identity development, and life-work satisfaction.


Emma H., Age 15 from TN: "The results were really eye-opening as to what some careers paths may be for me...Five stars to your site!"

Kevin W., The Penn State University Class of 2014: "I just finished my 4 part assessment and was really impressed at how easy it was to complete the test and how in depth the results were. Honestly, this was better than my previous tests I've taken...the website is surprisingly interactive."

Alena K., Professional IT Consultant: "I definitely think this would be extremely useful/beneficial for High School/College students and recent graduates looking to find their career path."

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